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Urban spelunking – “The Big Thing Here Is Not To Get Killed”

January 3, 2011 3 comments

Jacki Lyden of NPR has written an article about an urban explorer named Steve Duncan who spends his nights exploring the hidden places of cities.  Subways and Sewers in New York are the main focus Jacki’s article but Mr. Duncan explores just about anywhere that is old, hidden, and generally illegal to access. You can view his exploits on his web site,, with many videos and pictures of his adventures.

It’s a shame that the authorities, especially in a post September 11th world, make accessing these areas so difficult.  I imagine there would be quite a market for tours of such areas.  I know I’d pay good money to ride my bike though the Downtown Seattle Bus tunnel late at night, even though I can already legally drive a bus through it for work.  What kind of things would you pay money to do that currently would be labeled as trespassing?  Climb the staircase at the Space Needle?  Admire the view from the roof of the Columbia center?  Ride a mountain bike through the BNSF freight tunnel under Seattle?  I’m not willing to risk injury or arrest to do such things, but I’d be first in line to pay for a sanctioned tour.  Revenue stream anyone?

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