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Sampling Bias

November 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Sound Transit is hosting an open house tomorrow night to gather feedback on the Overlake segment of East Link. It is commendable that Sound Transit is working to gather feedback on the proposed route, but this particular meeting has built in quite a sampling bias. For those who rely on transit, the venue choice is inconvenient to say the least. Ardmore Elementary School is almost a mile from the closest bus stop (249). Google Maps actually suggested walking all the way to NE 40th & SR 520, about 1.4 miles away, to catch the 545 back to Seattle. Interestingly enough, Sound Transit’s own trip planner refuses to suggest a route back to Seattle – either because the walking distance is too far or because of some “error”.

While I don’t have ridership numbers handy, it seems obvious the dozens of buses stopping at Overlake Transit Center serve far more people today than the current 222 parking spots at OTC do. Holding an open house in a location inconvenient for a majority of potential Link users is an oversight that Sound Transit should not repeat.

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