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Every bus driver needs a copy of The Seattle Weekly

August 28, 2011 3 comments

Quoting from King County Metro’s “The Book: Transit Operator’s Rules and Procedures” – September 2011 edition:

2.13 Nauseous or unsightly messes on a coach

If a sick customer or animal creates a mess on the coach, follow these procedures:

  1. Cover the mess with newspapers or paper towels.
  2. Advise customers to stay clear of the area.
  3. Call the coordinator

(Emphasis added)

In almost five years of driving for Metro, I have yet to deal with a “nauseous or unsightly” mess on my coach.  From what I’ve heard though, it’s just a matter of time.  One full-time driver I know always keeps a copy of The Stranger on hand for this very purpose.  Somebody urinates on your bus?  No problem, whip out your trusty Stranger, unfold, cover the mess, and top with a wheel block to keep the whole mess in place.  Afterwards call the coordinator and hope they’re able to send a new coach or someone to clean yours as soon as possible.

My only gripe with this procedure is the choice of newspaper.  Since the Seattle Weekly appears unable to do real reporting and is more interested in defending it’s ability to profit from child prostitution, that “news”paper seems a more logical choice to keep on hand for those messy little emergencies.

I’m not going to rehash the tired old “it’s us vs. them” argument for you here.  In short, budding bike hater Mike Seely seems more interested in driving web hits from rabid Seattle Times commenter types than looking into what “road diets” are really about and whether they work.  Seattle mayoral administrations spanning several decades have approved 26 rechannelization projects to increase the safety of ALL road users – not just cyclists.  SDOT has lots of stats that show they do indeed work, and don’t unduly inconvenience motorists.  I won’t go further here since Tom Fucoloro has an excellent response over at Seattle Bike Blog.  (Great job Tom!)

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