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Chivalry is not dead…

September 21, 2011 6 comments

As a bus driver, one of the more irritating things I see are able bodied youngsters who sit in seats reserved for disabled and elderly passengers.  (It’s not an issue if the seats are offered up quickly when needed – I specifically sit in the reserved seating area so I can do just this).  I recall one particularly nasty little piece of work who uttered “Oh f**k” in an annoyed tone when a visibly frail elderly woman politely asked him if she could sit in the seat he was *standing in front of*.  (The short version of that story: She was able to access the seat and he waited for the next bus)

Given stories like this, it’s nice to see there are lots of folks out there who are willing to step up to the plate.  This morning I was driving my typically packed Sound Transit 550.  When I reached Mercer Island, an elderly woman boarded but all of the reserved seats were occupied.  A woman quickly stood up an offered her seat, which was very quickly accepted.  At virtually the same time a younger man stood up and said to the woman who had just given up her seat “Oh, wait, I can’t let you do that.  Here, you take my seat”.  I didn’t see what happened but given what I heard I suspect he had wanted to offer his seat to the elderly passenger but wasn’t quite quick enough.  Either way there was a lot of laughter and even a little applause.

(By the way, I’m only 44 – Am I allowed to use the label “youngster” when referring to teens and early twenty-somethings? 😉

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