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COPS: Park & Ride Edition

August 3, 2011 2 comments

This morning I was driving my final Sound Transit 550 trip through the South Bellevue Park & Ride on my way into Seattle.  For this particular trip all of the parking spots are full, so the Park & Ride is pretty quiet with only a half-dozen or so passengers transferring from other routes.  This morning was different:  There were two police cars with officers in the process of arresting a suspect for an unknown crime.  The odd thing:  The police were from Mercer Island and Medina, of all places, rather than Bellevue where the Park & Ride is located.

Perhaps the police foiled at attempt at renaming this transit facility to the “South Bellevue Park & Swipe”, or it was a drug deal gone bad, or perhaps the ending to a high-speed pursuit?  I’m just speculating so it’s probably something more mundane like back taxes or failed payment of child support, but I figured I’d share this little bit of excitement.  You know, because so much happens over here in Bellevue.  🙂

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