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Park & Ride for $3 per hour

February 6, 2014 Leave a comment

I was off work during yesterday’s Seahawk Celebration parade so I missed out on the transit chaos fun. By pure coincidence, I had taken yesterday off to pick up Mrs VeloBusDriver from the airport after she returned from a grueling trans-Pacific flight.  As we left the airport parking garage just after 3pm, we noticed several groups of Seahawk fans walking back from Link light rail – not a huge group, mind you, but enough to pique my curiosity – How many of these Seahawk fans had paid $3/hr to park for the day? SeaTac does run a game day parking special of only $2 per hour but there is no evidence that the special was in place yesterday. It is also possible that many of these passengers had monthly parking. Either way, people utilizing existing paid parking to access high capacity transit is a positive trend.


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