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Vanishing Schedules at KC Metro

June 29, 2010 2 comments

Schedule rack at Central base

A dearth of schedules at North Base

Have you noticed a lack of schedules on your favorite Metro bus route? These  pictures of the schedule racks at Central and North bases may help explain why paper schedules have been so difficult to come by recently.  Some of the individuals who deliver schedules to the bases, libraries, and other venues around the Seattle area were laid off last year to save money.  But there aren’t just fewer people delivering the schedules, there are fewer of them.  Roughly, it looks like schedules are only available for routes running out of a particular base.  So Central base, for example, doesn’t have schedules for the 221 or 222 since those routes are driven out of Bellevue Base.  (Never mind that the 221 and 222 connect to the 212 which is driven out of Central base).  This leaves drivers scrambling to find schedules for the routes we drive as well as schedules commonly carried for connecting routes.  I have a layover at North base which seems to have a supply of route 77 schedules, so I’ve taken to poaching schedules from North.  Question is, will I receive a commendation for doing what needs to be done to make schedules available for my passengers?  Or will I be issued a PR for stealing another base’s schedules.  We shall see…

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