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A folding bikeshare

April 26, 2012 Leave a comment

While cleaning out my email inbox in a futile quest to reach “Inbox Zero”, I came across an email from Brompton about their new and innovative bike sharing system (aka Cycle Hire Scheme in the UK).  Currently deployed in 2 train stations in Manchester, the Brompton Dock is a collection of small lockers that contain Brompton folding bikes. After registering on their web site, you are able to send a text message to Brompton Dock’s number which will then text you back with a locker number and access code.  I’ve not been to Manchester to see the system in place, but it looks pretty easy to use.

According to BromptonDock’s web site, the docks are deployed in partnership with Virgin Trains and the rental rates are designed to encourage longer-term use.  (Bromptons are the only bikes allowed on trains in the UK since they can be folded to a very small size).

Wouldn’t this be handy at stations along the Amtrak Cascades?  I’d sure use it!Image

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