I am a part-time driver for King County Metro who loves everything transit. I’m also an avid bicycle commuter and a renewable energy fan. In a previous life I worked in the tech industry as a SQL Database developer and a system administrator. I loved that work for the 12 years that I did it but one day I decided that driving the bus would be more interesting than riding it to work. I haven’t looked back since…

If you’re interested in life as a bike commuting bus driver, follow my Twitter feed where I spend most of my time reflecting on driving and using transit.  You’ll also see a fair amount there about utility biking and bike commuting but as much as I love bikes, I don’t really bike for pleasure.  To me, the bicycle is a tool to get something done or for going somewhere – I don’t watch bike races and I don’t go bike riding for fun, except sometimes to go look at a new bike trail.  I also post pictures on Flickr with detailed comments.  To be honest, I can get a bit unfocused at times so try to be patient.  That said, my overall focus is looking at ways to lead a more sustainable life through bicycling, using transit, and smarter energy use.

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