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Behind the yellow line

November 1, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Bold Text, ALL CAPS, Highlighted in red means management is serious about this Yellow Line business

The demise of the Ride Free Area and surging demand for public transportation have combined forces to virtually guarantee packed standing loads on my final trip.  When I get stuck behind a train, which happens almost every evening, I usually start denying rides at University Street or Pioneer Square stations where frustrated passengers longingly eye the space in front of the yellow line.  I’ve heard stories of harried passengers, after being passed by multiple overflowing buses, being pushed to the brink of violence and DEMANDING to be allowed to ride forward of the yellow line. Some drivers may demur and allow it, but as the bulletin to the left shows, management appears to be quite serious about enforcing this rule.

Behind the yellow line, please

But perhaps management pressure on drivers doesn’t motivate you. Frankly, why should it? How about enlightened self interest? When you are on a 30-ton vehicle you may think it’s very safe, and it is.  A combination of the heavy frame, professional drivers, and stringent safety regulation makes them so. But there are times where the safety bubble of a bus can be pierced. The picture to the right illustrates why being in front of the yellow line can be such a bad idea during a crash. So please stay back and, ideally, move as far to the back of the bus as you can to make room for more people.  We’ll get you there, even if you have to wait for one of the next couple of buses.

  1. Mad Park
    November 1, 2012 at 10:36 am

    There are a couple of newbies to afternoon/PM rush hour Route 11 who may not have seen the message at their base and may not have read you reasoned post. Hopefully they will soon.

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