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B-Line loose ends – ORCA readers inactive / RTIS blank at 2 stations

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

[ UPDATE – 2/2/2012: Apparently there are indeed holes in the wireless network that are being addressed.  Several new access points are in the permit process and due to be completed within the next couple of months.  This should fix these issues as well as several signal priority issues I have yet to blog about but encounter on a regular basis – In short, they’re working on it. ]

It’s been almost 4 month since the RapidRide B-Line started operating. There have been many hiccups along the way but in general, the line is working well. I’m pleased with it as an operator and also as an occasional rider.  I rarely ever took the 253 but often take the B-Line since it provides frequent service to my favorite food court at Crossroads mall.  (Although figuring out how to schedule transfers back home is still difficult)  For the last days of this shakeup, I’ll be writing up all of the remaining loose ends I know about here and tagging them as “B Line Loose Ends” – I’ll be working the B-Line next shakeup as well and will keep all of these posts up to date with any changes.

First up are two B-Line stations that have never been fully functional.  Stop #73240 (148th Ave NE & NE 51st Street) and Stop #73108 (148th Ave NE & NE 87th Street).  Both of these southbound stops have deactivated ORCA readers that are hooded and Real-Time Information System signs that are always blank. I believe these stops are located within gaps in the wireless network that the B-Line operates on. I was told by a Twitter follower that a fix was in the works but that was months ago and I’ve heard no updates since.  If anybody has more detail on this issue feel free to comment here. Neither of these stops are terribly busy, at least during the morning rush hour when I’m driving, so I’d understand if they have been pushed down on the priority list.

  1. jwk
    January 31, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    Do you know what the new shelters, sign holders with audio and LED displays on the SR520 ramp stops at 40th and 51st are for? Are the 542 and 545 getting arrival time indicators and such? I realize it’s a different route, but it is in the neighborhood, you might have heard something.

    • January 31, 2012 at 4:45 pm

      No, although I have seen them. In theory, adding arrival time signs shouldn’t be difficult since the data is already on One Bus Away and Metro’s tracker. That said, the data can be pretty wonky. I’ve been checking my times at layovers and reporting errors when I see them.

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