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B3 is the true regional choice and I’ll use it

I’ve crafted individual letters to several Bellevue City Council members but for the rest, I just sent this to council@bellevuewa.gov:

As a frequent user of the 550 as well as a driver of the 550, I am surprised that some members of the council say that Light Rail is a regional system but at the same time say that South Bellevue Park and Ride should be bypassed.  South Bellevue is not just a park and ride.  There is a significant and growing number of passengers who transfer to the 550 from other routes, such as the 222, 240, and 560.  These individuals are coming from Factoria and areas to the south of I-90 where there is either poor or non-existent direct bus service to Seattle.  Eliminating the South Bellevue Station would make it more difficult and expensive to serve these current transit users.  South Bellevue is also a walkable distance to far more homes than Wilburton and is located at the crossroads of several bicycle paths which makes it far more accessible to non-car driving passengers.

For those of us who use the 550, the B7 line represents a backwards step that will significantly cut existing service levels, if not eliminate service entirely. It also will increase traffic on 112th Ave SE, SE 8th St, and 118th Ave SE as people drive further into Bellevue to access Link.  I urge the council to reaffirm support for the B3 alignment with a stop at South Bellevue.  Moving forward with the B3 alignment will allow Sound Transit  to stop wasting money studying routes that are less cost effective and serve fewer passengers.  B3 is the true regional choice and I’ll use it.

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  1. Michael Gillman
    March 3, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Wait! You don’t live in Bellevue, why should the Bellevue City council listen to what you say? Or for that matter what I say. In fact all the plans are just wrong and based upon politics rather than what is good for the region. Rather than street level running a subway from I-90 to downtown is looking for the future. BTW, those who say build it where the people are now fail to understand that development will follow the rail line. Bellevue has a priority on developing the Bel-Red corridor. A Light Rail line through there would jump start the process. However it makes more sense to run trains going to Redmond over the 520 bridge than I-90. It would make more sense to take the I-90 line to Issaquah and run a branch line to Bellevue. If ST and it’s minions have their way we will have lines going in circles because of politics rather than need.

    • March 4, 2010 at 6:15 am

      Interesting thoughts. FYI: I get to have a say since I’m paying taxes for this system and I use it. When East Link goes in, the 550 is going to go away, so I have an interest in service to South Bellevue being retained. Bellevue can ignore me if they choose, but hopefully the Sound Transit board will listen. All I can do is write letters and work with others to do the same.

      Bellevue is planning to redevelop the whole Bel-Red corridor and it’s being planned with light rail, cycling, and pedestrian access in mind. I’ve seen a lot of planning that looks interesting but I have no idea how it will all work it’s way through the system.

      The Park & Ride at South Bellevue will have lots of layover space to allow buses to terminate there. That’s my main reason for supporting B3 – It has far better connections to the bus network to the Southeast than a station at Wilburton. Mercer Island might also work although they don’t have much room, or desire, for expansion.

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