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I’ll use B3, the true regional choice

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The following is a letter I sent to Jennifer Robertson of the Bellevue City Council regarding her support of the “B7” alignment for East Link:

Councilmember Robertson,

I have been told by neighbors in Enatai that you stated “People favor B7” while you were campaigning.  That may be true in limited areas of Bellevue where the fear of impacts from light rail trains is greatest. However, it is *not* true in my neighborhood.  I am a resident of Beaux Arts Village so sadly, I am ineligible to vote in your elections.  However, we will be effected by a decision to move the line away from the existing South Bellevue Park and Ride.  Many of my 300+ neighbors are shocked and saddened to learn that we may not be served by light rail despite last year’s decision to support the B3 alignment.

But we are by no means the only ones effected.  While I, and virtually all of our neighbors in Enatai, can walk to the park & ride in 15 minutes or bike there in less than 5, many Bellevue, Newcastle, and North Renton residents access the 550 by transferring at South Bellevue from bus routes such as the 222, 240, or 560.  The 560 currently serves Wilburton P&R; the 222 and 240 do not and could not be easily rerouted to do so.  A shuttle bus connecting users at South Bellevue to East link is possible but would result in 2 transfers for those with a transfer on their existing commute.  It would also be expensive to operate and not nearly as popular as the 550, resulting in decreased frequency of operation.

I urge you to reconsider your support of the B7 alignment.  For those of us who use the 550, the B7 line represents a backwards step that will significantly cut existing service levels, if not eliminate service entirely.  It also will increase traffic on 112th Ave SE, SE 8th St, and 118th Ave SE as people drive further into Bellevue to access Link.  B3 serves more passengers at a lower cost per rider and better serves transit riders from other areas of the Eastside.  It is the true regional choice.

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